About Us

Alnwick Wildlife Group is all about enjoying and exploring the wildlife in our part of Northumbria.  In the comfort of a friendly meeting place you can join with other like-minded folk to hear excellent speakers, swap news and share experiences.

We have about 135 members with very mixed levels of expertise, but there is something for everyone.

Every year, between September and May, we have monthly meetings with talks on a variety of subjects.  These are followed (in non-Covid times) by refreshments and an opportunity to chat.

Together we produce a monthly newsletter which reviews the past month and looks forward to the next.  It has articles of interest, important notices and programmes for the Group, and a record of sightings sent in by members.  The sightings are not just the unusual, but include many records of everyday things as well.  Our records are fed into national databases and are of value to students and conservationists.  Anyone is welcome – indeed encouraged – to contribute articles or short notes of interesting things or events they have witnessed.  We think our high-quality newsletters are worth the annual subscription alone.

Each year there is a programme of field trips and walks which enable members and friends to visit places of interest with someone who is familiar with each site.

For those who enjoy an active involvement, there are wildlife projects always on the go, and regardless of your ability, every little helps (see the Projects page of this website).  Some of these projects result in financial donations to the Group, and we try to help, in a small way, other wildlife projects being carried out in the county.

If you are new to the Alnwick area, joining AWG is the best way to discover the local hotspots for whatever branches of wildlife you are particularly interested in.  Why not give Alnwick Wildlife Group a try?

See the “Contact Us” page for ways to get more information.

Alnwick Wildlife Group is sponsored by Mannings of Alnwick .